Core Energetics Explained, An Educational Series

PART ONE: An Introduction

Core Energetics Therapy is a versatile body~centered counseling approach that helps people to become conscious of their own energy and how they are using it or not using it.  By doing so, they are able to live from a place of loving willingness rather than from a place of resistance. 

The key word here is BODY; it is through the body that we are able to fully experience our whole self.  By consciously being in our bodies, we are able to feel the full range of human emotion, clearly see the limiting beliefs developed at a young age, physically express our defenses through movement, and consciously connect with our higher self.

How did Core Energetics Therapy come into being? Founded by John Pierakkos MD, CET is the integration of his Bioenergetics work and the spiritual ~ psychological teachings of the Pathwork, given by his wife Eva Pierrakos.

Bioenergetics was co-founded by Pierrakos with Alexander Lowen. They were both patients and students of Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychotherapist who launched the practice of body centered therapy. Bioenergetics is essentially an evolution of Reich’s work and differs through Pierrakos’s and Lowen’s joint study and understanding of physical development alongside emotional and psychological development. Together they worked with each other’s body and began learning, from personal experience, how they were organizing their physical energy in relation to their mental and emotional energy. From here, they created specific exercises to help move stuck energy. For example, bringing awareness to the tension in one’s shoulders coupled with the lack of stability in one’s legs provides the opportunity to consciously move some of the energy down into the lower body, while simultaneously loosening and freeing up the emotion(s) and limiting thought pattern(s) stuck in the upper body. Now one can feel the emotion fully and observe their mental stuck points objectively. From this place of flowing energy, one has more access to their best self, their higher self, as phrased by Eva in the Pathwork.

In Part Two we will examine these two components, Bioenergetics and the Pathwork, more closely and I will provide a guided meditation for connecting with your body.

Thank you for reading! May your day bring ease and joy in all the ways you move through the world.