Here’s the cleaning fairy you’ve been waiting for!

Like I said, I am seeking volunteers to invite me into their living space in order to help guide them in creating a well~organized, clutter~free home where all of their belongings “belong” in their own space. This will be a process of going through everything; clothing, books, miscellaneous items, paperwork, sentimental items….EVERYTHING! You will decide what to keep and let go of by connecting with what brings you joy.

We will meet a couple of times first so we can talk about what life you envision for yourself, logistics of the process, and to visit your home so I can meet your house and introduce myself.

Please let me know if this is something you are interested in doing and/or tell a friend/family member/co~worker/stranger. You can call/text at 503-481-6627 or send an email to

Thank you!