Massage Services

COVID19 NOTICE:  Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, massage is not available.  Counseling sessions are continuing to be offered via phone or online video conferencing.  Please, take good care of yourself, your loved ones, and beyond.



Receiving Thai Massage radiates to all levels of being bringing you back to optimal health and harmony. It’s my favorite!


In Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), Thai Massage is the external therapies branch encompassing techniques such as deep compression, thumbing, stretching, hot and cold herbal compresses, cupping, scraping, range of motion, bone setting*, abdominal massage, and more.  The other branches of TTM include Herbs and Diet, Divination Sciences, Spirit Medicine, Midwifery, and Buddhism. It is often performed on a mat on the floor which has its advantages in terms of access to more techniques. I am able to apply it to table work as well.
*please note: bone setting is not included in my services. I am not trained in this specific therapy.

Thai Massage is highly effective and provides healing for acute and chronic injuries, deep relief from painful, tight, stiff fascia and muscles, and increases joint mobility. It specifically treats the physical pathways along the body, called Sen, by releasing blockages, restoring healthy movement of the tendons and ligaments, improving nerve conduction, and increasing circulation.

Traditional Thai Medicine is based on Elemental Theory and the belief that mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health are one, not separate. When one is affected so they all are. Learn more about Thai Massage and Medicine through my educational series.

Session Guidelines:  The longer the session, the more we can do!
60 MINUTES: when you are wanting to focus on one or two (at the most) target areas and are not concerned with receiving a full body treatment.  BOOK NOW

90 MINUTES:  required minimum for any full body maintenance.  Also good for target work on one, two, or three areas or full body treatment with a little focus on one problem area.

2 HOURS:   addressing the entire body with depth of attention.  Alternatively,  great for extended spot specific work only. BOOK NOW

3 HOURS:  excellent for systemic treatment coupled with time to spend therapeutic attention on chronic or acute injuries, painful spots, and/or exceptionally tightly bound areas.


Great for treating acute and chronic aches and pains

As the name suggests, this work is geared towards treating muscles,tendons, fascia, and soft tissue at deeper levels. Often it is these less tangible structures that contribute to lasting holding patterns that can cause chronic pain and musculoskeletal imbalances. I use many different techniques to accomplish this goal including, but not limited to, warming and working through the tissue layers, deep compression, cross fiber friction, joint traction and range of motion, stretching, breathwork, point work, hydrotherapy, vibration, slow release, cupping, and scraping.
Session Guidelines:
60 minutes: for when you are wanting focus on one or two problem areas.
90 minutes: full body treatment with time for treating one problem area.
2 hours: great for full body maintenance combined with therapeutic attention to one or two target spots OR extended time for spot specific work. BOOK NOW


Time to let go of doing and embrace being

Performed on a table with oils and/or lotions, Swedish Massage uses long, soothing, flowing strokes combined with gentle kneading to promote deep relaxation. Other benefits include increased blood and lymph circulation, lower blood pressure, decreased stress, greater sense of well being, increased mind~body connection, boost in the immune system, less muscle tension, less frequency or absence of headaches, decreased migraine episodes, and more.

In general, what I love about this kind of massage, in addition to all of the above, is that it provides an opportunity to receive nurturing, calming, healing touch while enjoying the exquisite experience of simply being.
Session Guidelines: How long would you like to treat yourself? 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or two hours? It’s up to you!

PLEASE NOTE I have developed a strong focus on Thai Massage.  I approach all of the bodywork I do through this lens although techniques may vary and integrate with other styles.